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Reporting Sightings


Please send any bird notes with your news including "what, when, where" to me at info@arranbirding.co.uk. All contributions are welcome and can be sent to me throughout the year.

A spreadsheet with the following format sent via email would be ideal

To help with grid references a gazetteer of Arran place names, based on names from the Ordinance Survey Explorer Map 361 "Isle of Arran", has been produced and is available as a PDF download. Click gazetteer.
 It is also available in excel format.

The "Arran Bird Sightings Form" opposite is intended to be helpful and is available as a download by clicking the logo.

Alternatively records can be added to BirdTrack
. There is even a facility to record your bird sightings on your phone.

I am not just interested in rare or unusual birds, but common birds: where there are significant numbers of common birds, which birds come to the garden at different times of the year, where breeding birds have been seen, when our summer or winter visitors have arrived or departed, and what sightings have given individuals particular pleasure.

If you are fortunate enough to have seen a rare or unusual species you may be required to submit a written description. Click Reporting Rarities
for more information

Your support ensures that the basis of the annual Arran Bird Report is as comprehensive as possible.


A checklist of Birds of Arran is available as a PDF download.

Useful Notes

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