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Injured Birds


Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Trust

This is an excellent organization. For more information visit this web site http://www.hessilheadwildlife.org.uk/index.htm

These are extracts from the site
Hessilhead cares for Scotland's injured and orphaned wildlife

The centre is situated near Beith in North Ayrshire.

It occupies a 20 acre site, including woodland, marsh and open water. This gives a variety of release sites for our patients.

Facilities at the Centre include an intensive care unit, a swan/seal hospital with indoor pool, a hedgehog unit, a surgery with x-ray equipment and more than 60 outdoor aviaries, enclosures and release pens.

The centre operates a 24 hour emergency service.

Contact Information

01505 502415

Postal address

Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Trust,
KA15 1HT,

E- mail


Please don't e-mail with regard to an injured bird or animal that require a quick response. In the busy season we may not check e-mails regularly

In person... You are welcome to bring casualties to the centre at any time. We also welcome deliveries of newspapers, bedding, food etc.  

Collisions with Windows

How can you treat a bird which has hit a window?

This is an extract from notes prepared by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO). The full note can re read by clicking on http://www.bto.org/gbw/science/windowstrikes.htm

Often birds will fly off - which is great. Sometimes they die instantly, probably from a broken neck. However, on many occasions birds seem to be just stunned. Put the bird in a dark cardboard box - without food or water - and leave it in warm (but not hot), quiet place for an hour or so. Take the box outside, open the box and, if you are lucky, the bird will fly off. If the bird does not seem to be recovering, you may wish to take it to your local vetinarian, who should be able to give it the appropriate treatment.

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