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How to Sex Goldfinch


During April in Arran, there were many reports from people who were enjoying the Goldfinches in their garden.  A group of Goldfinch is called a charm a very apt description for these colourful birds with their delightful song.  How can you tell the males from the females?  They look very similar.

While the difference between male and female plumage in finches like Chaffinch and Greenfinch is obvious, the difference in the plumage of the sexes in Goldfinch is more subtle.  Check out this photograph by Graeme J Smith.  The bird on the left is a female.  The insert on the right is a male.  The red on the face of the male extends above and beyond the eye.  That is how to sex Goldfinch in your garden.

Later in the year look out for young Goldfinch. They have no red on the face.

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