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Arran Naturalist Commemorative Edition

The Arran Naturalist, the journal of the Arran Natural History Society, was first published in 1978 and to mark this occasion the Arran Natural History Society have published a commemorative edition which should be of interest to all with a love of Arran's fauna and flora.

According to the foreword by Robert McLellan in the first edition of The Arran Naturalist, the Arran Natural History Society had been established at a meeting instigated by Maggie Dunn and Susan King in 1977 with the first journal being published in 1978.  The journal was then published annually up until 2000 under a number of able editors including Jonathan G.H. Williams of Glen Sannox from1978 to 1991.

That first edition contains a whole range articles that are still pertinent today. These  include notes on basking sharks, seals, midges, buzzards and spagnum moss to name but a few plus one on creatures that walked on what was to be Arran 320 million years ago. In addition that first journal contains the names of the office bearers including the Chairman Howard Walker, reports on their winter programme of talks plus a humorous account of a field trip to Holy Isle. In its entirety it gives a fascinating insight into Arran's natural world and the emerging Arran Natural History Society
The idea for reprinting the first edition of the journal The Arran Naturalist as a commemorative edition came from an Arran Natural History Society committee meeting. Committee member Sue Archer volunteered to review all the journals which ended with the 2000 edition. Sue came up with the insight that the first journal reflected the work of the Arran Natural History Society and suggested that the first edition should be reprinted it in its entirety with an introduction from the current chairman, Terry Southall

A limited number have been printed and copies are now available from shops and other outlets throughout the island for the modest price of £3.00 or through the Arran Natural History Society by contacting Lindsey & Robert Marr of Lamlash arrannaturalhistorysociety@gmail.com

This commemorative edition is a fascinating read and the Arran Natural History Society committee has no reservations in recommending it to all people with a love of Arran
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